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5 Tips for Buying a Home in Las Vegas

The electrified glamour and allure of Las Vegas is unlike anything else — and its lavish real estate market is equally unmatched. Buying the luxury home of your dreams in Nevada’s most coveted real estate market requires establishing the most effective relationships founded on trust and experience. As one of Nevada’s top luxury brokers for nearly two decades, Maureen Robison has the sage advice you need to begin your search for prime Las Vegas real estate the right way. Here are five top tips for finding the most valuable Las Vegas properties in the not-so-sleepy little town in the desert.


Though the mention of Las Vegas most often conjures visions of 24/7 fun, Raiders games, and excitement, that’s far from everything it entails. Beyond The Strip, the Las Vegas real estate market covers many different enclaves, each with a speed of its own. Before you set your sights on the luxury properties available in one of the country’s most lucrative real estate markets, focus first on your needs to determine which part of Las Vegas will be the best match for you.

Here is a breakdown of the different parts of Las Vegas — all with their own share of the high life, though with widely varying styles:


  • The Strip. Here, the entertainment never ends, and the lights never dim. Encompassing well over a third of Nevada’s entire population, most people gravitate to The Strip due to its 24/7 activity and incredible shopping, dining, and entertainment options to choose from. If you’re looking for thrills and a lively environment, living in the fast lane in The Strip just may be for you. From rooting for the Raiders at Allegiant Stadium to watching the Vegas Golden Knights grace the ice at the T-Mobile Arena, there is no shortage of sports and excitement here.

  • North Las Vegas. With less than an eighth the population of The Strip, North Las Vegas is a much quieter and moderately paced way of life. Its proximity to outdoor recreation and wide range of schools makes it one of the preferred Las Vegas neighborhoods for families and busy professionals who don’t want the distraction of Las Vegas’ more densely populated areas.

  • Summerlin. This master-planned community was built by some of the nation’s top builders, offering beautiful natural and suburban amenities. Situated next to Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountains while providing all the fine dining and boutique shopping you could ask for, Summerlin provides a step-up for those seeking particularly elegant Las Vegas living with a more natural rhythm. Home to The Las Vegas Ballpark, City National Arena, and a short drive to the T-Mobile Arena, Summerlin is also an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts.

  • Henderson. This small 100-square-mile plot of land boasts the highest median household income in Las Vegas. That, along with its 50 parks (lending it the moniker “Tree City, USA”), makes Henderson one of the best places to look for landed estates to settle down, plant new roots, or build your investment portfolio. Sports fans will find their place at Lifeguard Arena and the Dollar Loan Center, where they can watch the Henderson Silver Knights practice and play their home games. They can also head to the T-Mobile Arena, home of the Vegas Golden Knights, and Allegiant Stadium to catch a Las Vegas Raiders game.

  • Centennial Hills. For even easier living, look to Centennial Hills. Occupying a mere 12 square miles, the neighborhood borders Floyd Lamb State Park and provides incredible views of the mountains. Being mere minutes away from Summerlin and North Las Vegas, Centennial Hills is well-connected, despite feeling isolated and serene once you’re there.

With its low taxes and continually sunny weather (205 days of the year, to be exact), Las Vegas makes for a gratifying place to live or vacation — but given the variety of its highly unique neighborhoods, you owe it to yourself to find the part of Las Vegas that most acutely matches your sensibilities first.


Luxury Real Estate

There are many advantages and no drawbacks to immediately establishing a great working relationship with a real estate team specializing in luxury real estate. An agent familiar with the nuances that matter most to affluent clients is better able to ensure their needs and expectations are met, all while providing the confidentiality necessary to ensure their clients’ private investment and portfolio details are truly private.

As they’ve worked hard to reach the top of their field, a luxury real estate agent will not squander their reputation on account of social capital – rather, they have a complete understanding of the importance of discretion and loyalty. Luxury real estate agents also know the importance of not telegraphing their VIP clients’ moves, which vastly reduces competition for properties they’ve set their eyes on.


With the right Las Vegas luxury real estate partner, you gain access not only to their services but to their business connections as well. As a result, your agent can continually bring you the latest pocket listings in the area, providing you with inside access to the newest gems to hit the Las Vegas market, with as little competition as possible. Access to pocket listings relates to general industry connections, and you should inquire into your prospective agent’s entire network of other top agents, professional organizations, and real estate trade groups at their disposal.

The top Las Vegas luxury real estate agents prioritize community involvement and trade organizations, doing whatever it takes to stay updated on the latest happenings affecting the Las Vegas market. As skilled as you need them to be in their own right, part of that skill is networking with other top pros in the field. It also requires maintaining regular contact with luxury real estate organizations in Las Vegas and the social groups that local high-net-worth individuals belong to.

Often, local real estate trade groups make the most useful research and selling tools available only to top agents in the area because they’ve shown a track record of making maximum use of every available means at their disposal. Your agent should also maintain the most advantageous local connections in luxury real estate financing opportunities to help you get the extra edge you might need to acquire the property of your dreams. All told, when you work with the best real estate agent, you’re essentially working with their entire network of industry connections as well.


A long-time specialist in Las Vegas luxury real estate will know the predominant character traits and psychologies most commonly at play in the market, providing their clients with a much-needed edge at the negotiation table. In a place like Las Vegas, natural insight into the different personality types drawn to the area goes a long way in determining the best way to work with them and land you the most lucrative possible deals. With transactions ranging as high as eight- or even nine-digit figures, a little social finesse could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Real Estate Agent Guide

Lastly, your luxury real estate specialist could most effectively operate in the role of advisor for maximizing the growth of your portfolio. Managing high-end property transactions is an entirely unique tier of real estate, requiring more diligence in budgeting, not less. You’ll need a local to help you most quickly see the pros and cons of certain properties because they might not always be obvious to someone unfamiliar with the region.

Your local agent can act as a guide to help you more quickly spot elements that add or detract from a property’s value in ways not always reflected in its price. With their local knowledge and regional connections, they can help you obtain more value at lower costs in ways not likely to be matched by newcomers or those not immersed in luxury real estate.


  • Factors related to the local environment and climate (or even subclimate) that affect a property’s comfort
  • Local economic and zoning happenings are likely to alter the value of properties in the future
  • Knowledge of the best and worst local contractors and which properties they’ve worked on
  • Access to highly sensitive market analytics data and property valuation information
  • Insight into market fluctuations and the most opportune times for buying

All in all, only the most trusted ally in the high-end Las Vegas real estate market can provide you with the discretion, attention, negotiation, connections, and local knowledge you need to ensure you obtain the best new dream home or investment according to your exact specifications.


To ensure the best match, take plenty of time to get to know your prospective agent and be sure you are impressed with their level of knowledge about Las Vegas real estate. Make sure you are comfortable communicating with them and that they listen closely to all of your luxury property needs, providing valuable and relevant insights to back up any claims of what they can do for you. This is how you can be confident that your most valuable investments and greatest ambitions are in the best hands. When you’re ready to reach success, reach out to Maureen Robison of LVREAL.

For over 18 years, the expert team at LVREAL has been dedicated to guiding the wealthiest Las Vegas clients to the mansions, penthouses, and investment properties of their dreams in Nevada’s most lucrative market. Building on a foundation of solid relationships, the team’s singular ambition is to fully achieve your real estate goals — because we only flourish when the client does first.

Contact LVREAL at 702-521-1980 and set up a time to meet and discover how they can represent your Las Vegas real estate interests in the most effective, stress-free way.

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