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Here’s Where to Buy Las Vegas Real Estate Properties in 2022

Las Vegas broke major real estate records in the early 2020s, attracting a lot of interest from those eager to invest in a particularly secure market and those simply looking to relocate to one of America’s most attractive and fun-loving cities. It’s a certainty that many more are looking at 2022 as the opportune time to make their own move to the most renowned desert oasis — especially as median prices for Las Vegas properties gradually steady from 2022’s particularly high May spike.

As the best time to purchase a Las Vegas home is fast approaching, read on to explore what “the meadows” of the American Southwest have to offer. As you’ll see, there’s much more to Las Vegas real estate investing than its alluring downtown hotspots.


Luxury Locales

While over a third of Nevada’s entire population lives near The Strip, what it means for the region at large is that there’s an extensive range of population densities and unique amenities to choose from, especially if viewed from a distance. Las Vegas’ other magnificent communities have plenty of elbow room and easy access to the wider Las Vegas area’s natural amenities. There, you’ll find stunning estates, designer ranch houses, and expertly crafted new builds fit for even the most peace-seeking and down-tempo property hunters.

At the same time, those seeking excitement and thrills will find no shortage of elite high-rise penthouses and modern condos while living in the upbeat heart of Sin City itself. Regardless of its reputation or popular clichés, Las Vegas has far more options than many realize — meaning you can take your pick between fast-lane living or much slower and more peaceful speeds (and just about anywhere in between).


The best advice for buying a Las Vegas home is to take a broad view of the neighborhoods so that you know just how wide your range of options truly is. From the relaxed and upscale charm of Summerlin to the spectacular extravagance of Southern Highlands, you’re sure to find just the right Las Vegas property for your lifestyle if you take a brief virtual tour of all the region has to offer. Here, young professionals and wealthy retirees break bread with international financiers and entertainment industry moguls — making the finer things in life just a little finer still. As you’re about to see, in the broadest possible sense, Vegas real estate is made of equal parts downtown penthouse suites, Southwestern ranch-house living, and galore master-planned golfing communities.



Summerlin Real Estate

Constructed by some of the most renowned builders in the nation, this master-planned community keeps people close to some of the most impressive natural amenities in the wider Las Vegas region. Summerlin provides quick access to the movingly gorgeous Spring Mountains and endless hiking in Red Rock Canyon, where its famous scenic drive invites campers and nature lovers to lose track of time and forget they’ve ever seen a neon sign. The huge mountainous conservation area also attracts off-road enthusiasts and local educators dedicated to conveying the secrets of the land to those eager to be in touch with Las Vegas’ nurturing side.

Summerlin’s finely measured elements even prompted Money Magazine to declare Summerlin one of America’s best places to live — all told, those seeking the elegance and refined sensibilities of a more relaxed pace and quick-access to amenities often consider Summerlin the domestic sweet spot of Las Vegas.

In addition to its glorious natural landscape and scenic drives, Summerlin is also a sports enthusiast’s oasis, with the Las Vegas Aviators playing their home games at The Las Vegas Ballpark. Hockey fans will also feel right at home, as City National Arena is where the Vegas Golden Knights practice out on the ice.


For a particularly sweet spot, we recommend looking at the commanding overview of the area from The Ridges, with real estate built to impress and strategically located in one of Summerlin’s highest-altitude areas. From here, you can’t help but be amazed at how remarkable Las Vegas’ natural side truly is.

If you’re looking for an even more masterfully planned community, reach for The Summit, where Las Vegas real estate options are suited to Summerlin’s most successful residents. The resort-style, private club community brings a healthy dose of Las Vegas entertainment to the classiest and most elegant surroundings you could possibly imagine. The Summit’s multi-million-dollar landscaping and terraced estates are the perfect locations to take in the most spectacular views of the Spring Mountains and Summerlin’s sprawling estates below.


It’s easy to see why Southern Highlands was the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s silver winner for its 2021 “Best Master Planned Community” contest. This exclusive community sits at the southern foothills of Las Vegas and marks one of the most notable alternatives to Clark County living besides The Strip. While technically located in Enterprise, Nevada, its proximity to the casinos, entertainment venues, and other lucrative businesses in downtown Las Vegas have made Southern Highlands the go-to choice for many of Las Vegas’ most notable celebrities and successful business owners. Southern Highlands is a great spot for sports fans, too. Residents enjoy the quick commute over to Allegiant Stadium to watch the Las Vegas Raiders, while the Vegas Golden Knights play at the nearby T-Mobile Arena.


Henderson Nevada

Also situated at the southern edge of the Las Vegas valley is Henderson, where upscale real estate options provide access to near-unlimited expanses of some of the region’s most coveted natural amenities. Upscale communities in Henderson enjoy easy access to the Colorado River, the Black Mountain and Black Mountain River, Sloan Canyon, Lake Mead, and McCullough Mountains.

Henderson is no less rife with in-town amenities, hosting no fewer than 10 golf courses — including a massive 36-hole public course and three spectacular private courses and country clubs. There are also an astonishing 69 Henderson city parks, occupying 1,400 acres of thoughtfully groomed land with endlessly winding trails and a wide assortment of playgrounds, dog parks, and family gathering spots. Henderson is also a go-to spot for hockey enthusiasts, as fans can watch the Henderson Silver Knights’ exciting home games at the Dollar Loan Center and their practice sessions at Lifeguard Arena.

For such a huge part of Las Vegas outside of the Strip with a sizeable population, Henderson’s real estate market is as lucrative as even some of the most exclusive Southwestern luxury communities.


MacDonald Highlands real estate is the most exclusive part of Henderson, encompassing several other neighborhoods, at the center of which is a meandering 18-hole golf course that spreads throughout the entire central area. The result is a continuous design that gives MacDonald Highlands’ most prestigious estate owners a strong sense of community. Even its lower-end real estate has been skillfully designed to match the neighborhood’s consistent and finely detailed motif — and a huge concentration of incredibly impressive manors and estates brings the average home price well into the millions.

The sub-communities of Dragon Ridge and MacDonald Ranch particularly provide some of the area’s most well-to-do families, high-powered executives, and ultra-wealthy retirees with an incredibly family-friendly and charming lifestyle, and MacDonald Highlands has an extremely inviting blend of royal splendor and down-to-earth, main-street charm.

An even more pleasantly removed Henderson enclave in the highly exclusive Ascaya neighborhood, owned by the Rosewood Hote Group. Nevada real estate isn’t much more impressive than Ascaya’s incredibly luxurious custom architecture, where bold designs furnish the region’s lofty elevation, all comfortably overlooking the more distant and populous Henderson communities below.

Ascaya’s private luxury community is not easily available, creating one of the most exclusive luxury neighborhoods in Las Vegas for all but the most wealthy buyers. The goal of Ascaya’s developers was to foster luxurious experiences for the families who live there, accomplished through a wide range of community options and Ascaya’s proximity to many of Henderson’s most breathtaking natural amenities.

As a result, they’ve struck an outstanding balance between a highly refined, upscale lifestyle and a much-beloved sense of community pride. Ascaya creates an unparalleled and artful combination of entertainment offerings, private events, and family gathering spaces — as well as the select fine-dining options and designer boutiques you’d imagine from a community of such refined taste.


The most invaluable Las Vegas properties are available only to those who take the time to explore the market, which means continually scouting out its widely varied locations for the newest opportunities. With almost 20 years of experience, Maureen Robison has kept her eye on the entire Las Vegas real estate industry with singular focus and dedication.

Because her clientele deserves nothing but the best, they should expect no less than the most determined and experienced Las Vegas real estate agency — and that’s exactly what sets LVREAL altitudes higher than the competition. To learn more about the most lucrative investment opportunities Las Vegas offers, reach out to us and let us know your real estate investment goals and needs. We live to serve because our success only comes second to that of our clients.

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